Name dispute will be resolved over the summer and the new name of the state will be "Republika Makedonija - Vardar " or "Republic of Vardar Macedonia, Greek media said yesterday . According to them , the two sides closer to a solution of the dispute dvodeceniskiot and now just working on details.
Publications in the media yesterday received confirmation from the alternative head of the Greek diplomacy Drucas Dimitris , who emphasized that he was encouraged by recent statements by Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski said that he really said that Macedonia is committed to resolving the dispute and that created a positive climate between the two countries . Although he did not directly mention the name "Republic of Vardar Macedonia "as a possible solution , said Greece is ready to consider any serious proposal that meets its conditions.
- I hope that the leadership in our neighboring country will choose a European future rather than short-term political gains by perpetuating the problem. Otherwise, there will be no progress in Euro-Atlantic aspirations. But , they said Gruevski , if true , did more enthusiastic . Our policy for the improvement of bilateral relations in recent months has been clear and consistent . It remains to see whether Gruevski will meet at the end - Drucas said .
TV antenna and the newspaper "Kathimerini" , referring to diplomatic sources claim that the Macedonian side considers dodavkata " age "for the constitutional name is acceptable , while the Greek authorities insist the new name is "Republic of Vardar Macedonia .
Surprisingly , in licitiranjeto with proposals for possible solutions are not quick name "Republic of Northern Macedonia "which up until a few weeks are considered largely satisfies both sides.
Gruevski yesterday, after meeting with his coalition partners, said it is obvious that there pozasileni Nimetz contacts with both sides and that assumes that all this is done to offer a solution.
- There has been no clear signal of the new Nimetz proposal. It is difficult to say whether it is possible to compromise a date that is not connected with the EU because it depends not only on us but on the other hand, if that Greece has an understanding of what is our state and national interest - the prime minister said .

Οnline-press (Peter): Σε λίγο καιρό τα παπαγαλάκια των ΜΜΕ θα θριαμβολογούν ότι η Ελληνική κυβέρνηση υποχρέωσε τους Σκοπιανούς να δεχτούν τους .....δικούς μας όρους με το όνομα Republika Makedonija - Vardar. Υπολογίζουν όμως χωρίς τον Ελληνικό λαό που επανειλημμένα έχει πει "ΟΧΙ" σε ονόματα που περιέχουν τον όρο Μακεδονία πόσο μάλλον για το VARDAR Macedonia που είναι το πιο επικίνδυνο από όλα τα ονόματα που έχει προτείνει ο Nimetz και που για αυτό τον λόγο οι Σκοπιανοί το αποδέχονται σχεδόν χωρίς καμια διαμαρτυρία. Είναι είναι στο χέρι μας να μην αφήσουμε την κυβέρνηση να υλοποιήσει τα σχέδια τον ξένων και ντόπιων συμφερόντων.....

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